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Sawing to continue at Pyhäntä

FM Timber Oy have acquired manufacturing facilities and equipment of the former PRT-Wood located at Pyhäntä. The acquired plant includes an area of 19 ha and approximately 10,000 m2 of manufacturing facilities.

During this year, FM Timber have been working on significant amounts of sawn and planed timber on a subcontracting basis via Pyhännän Puujalostus Oy. They aim to continue and further develop this partnership by FM Timber investing in facilities, machines and equipment, while Pyhännän Puujalostus carries out the manufacturing operations.

At the moment, the plant at Pyhäntä produces about 70,000 m3 of finished sawn timber a year. They also have the ability to plane a similar quantity of timber or more. The plant is already employing 30 person-years, and the number of staff is expected to grow with the expanding operations.

FM Timber have drafted a development plan for sawmill operations to increase the annual production volume at Pyhäntä to 140,000 m3. High-quality starting material for the plant will be acquired from nearby regions.

The transaction is expected to significantly increase FM Timber’s total production volume and to expand their customer basis due to the new introduction of planing operations to their business portfolio. This will reinforce FM Timber’s position as a manufacturer of customer-based, specified-length timber as well as compensate the fluctuations of the timber market.

The FM Timber group also own production plants at Pihtipudas, Kiihtelysvaara, and Vyartsilya in Russia. The group’s sawmill production is expected to reach about 250,000 m3 next year, and their turnover to exceed EUR 65M before the end of this year.

About 80% of their timber is exported. The group employ 145 people in Finland and in Russia.

Additional information: CEO Sami Kähärä, FM Timber Oy, tel. +358-40-761 4150